Tandem jump

The tandem jump is the simplest introduction into skydiving. No experience, medical declaration or high level of fitness is required. A little daring and motivation is all it takes. During an introductory talk one of our instructors will explain what awaits you. Then you board the aircraft and are hooked onto your instructor. At an altitude of around three kilometers the door is opened and together with the jumpmaster you will fall at a speed of up to 200 kilometers per hour. During this absolutely impressive experience you can enjoy a magnificent panorama. Litterally the whole island of Texel is below you. After half a minute an extra large parachute will open overhead. The canopy will transport you and the tandem master back to Texel soil. The landing will be done by us, perfection guaranteed: touch down will be as smooth as silk.Many Dutch celebrities have made a jump with us, but countless lesser known people have had a lot of fun skydiving in this manner. No medical declaration is needed for a tandem skydive and weather permitting you can get airborne whenever you want. Only when you decide to come with a big group to make a jump or want to jump in the winter season making a reservation is required.

You can have your jump recorded on photo and DVD (fun for later !!!). In this case one of our freefall cameramen will jump with you .

Price for a tandem jump is €209,-.
If you book ahead of time you will get a discount of €10,-. On discount days a tandemjump costs € 189,00. Foto/DVD coverage of your jump costs €95,00.
Download the booking form (only possible with a Dutch bank account number).

Gift certificates

Of course a tandem jump is a great gift for special occasions. You can order a gift certificate by transferring 199,00 Euros into our bank account, mentioning the name of the person receiving the gift. As soon as the money is in our account we will send you the gift certificate. We advise you to do this at least two weeks before you need the certificate.