Total Jump Experience

Under canopy

The TJE is, however, only complete after you have experienced the sensation of freefall. You can choose between an individual freefall, guided by two instructors ( this according to the Accelerated Free Fall method - AFF ) or a tandem jump, hooked onto a tandem master. For those who think it is exciting enough there is the possibility of making a further three static line jumps.

  • Before you make your AFF jump you will get additional training on Wednesday or Thursday. You will learn among others a different exit from the plane, the body position for freefall and hand signals. The instructors will fall alongside you during the jump to guide you and give you ín-the-air' instruction to correct any mistake. From an altitude of about four kilometers you will freefall for approximately a minute before opening your main parachute at about 1,5 kilometers.
  • If you should choose to make a tandem jump you van board after a preparation of a mere 15 minutes.Hooked onto one of our tandem masters you can enjoy the sensation of a freefall without worrying. The altitude is about three kilometers and the freefall part lasts about 30 seconds, About 5 minutes later you land close to our hangar encouraged by your fellow students and/or relatives. You just enjoy the experience, the tandem master will do the rest.

Whether you choose the AFF or the tandem jump we are certain it will be an exciting finale to your course. It goes without saying that we hope the mutual enthusiasm will lead to your continuation in skydiving. Extra spice is added by the fact that in Hotel de Kievit, accompanied by light show and music, the video of your first jump will be displayed on the big screen. It is our experience that this evening is very stimulating and generates a lot of enthusiasm.

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