Accelerated Free Fall

AFF freefall

Level 7 of the course is the examination jump. Here you have to show that you have mastered all the acquired techniques. After a successful examination jump you can skydive on your own and there is time for a party...This course was developed during the eighties, refined in the nineties and is now the norm for the motivated jumper. Of course you are not an experienced skydiver after seven jumps, but you will undoubtedly become one with this solid base!
For current prices ( including instruction, coaching,  jumps, third party insurance, rented equipment and packing the parachutes) check here.
At a surcharge you can have one of your jumps recorded on photo/video/DVD. One of our camera persons will jump with you and will take care of a splendid coverage of your jump . This can be booked at the counter and so you do not have to make a reservation in advance.

Conditions for taking part in the course:

  •   Minimum age 16
  •   Valid medical declaration for parachute jumping
  •   For minors : signature from parents/guardians
  •   Maximum weight 100 kilograms
  •   Two passport photos

    For medical declarations please contact our administration

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