Accelerated Free Fall

AFF on the hill

One of our specialist instructors will give you an individual ground training ( a maximum of 5 students per course week ). The training is aimed at your individual tempo, experience and condition and can last between half a day and a day. It concerns essential techniques such as being able to do a stable freefall, altitude awareness, mastering the reserve procedure and opening and handling the main canopy properly. Then you will go to an altitude of 4 kilometers with two instructors. They will guide you from the first to the last second of the freefall which will last about a minute. During the skydive they will correct your body position and pay attention to every detail needed for a splendid jump. Even when you fail to open your main parachute at the agreed altitude there is no problem; the instructor will not let you freefall for one second longer than is safe and if needed will open your parachute for you.
AFF is skydiving from the very first second . After your square parachute is open you will fly to the previously specified landing area on your own.
Whether you choose the AFF or the tandem jump we are certain it will be an exciting finale to your course. It goes without saying that we hope the mutual enthusiasm will lead to your continuation in skydiving. Extra spice is added by the fact that in Hotel de Kievit, accompanied by light show and music, the video of your first jump will be displayed on the big screen. It is our experience that this evening is very stimulating and generates a lot of enthusiasm.

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